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Apaci Pty Ltd is an Australian importer of innovative new products focused on energy technology and energy conservation. The initial technology imported by us is Phase Change Material (or PCM) developed by the German company Rubitherm Technologies GmbH. These materials exhibit outstanding latent heat storage properties and can be used in a multitude of different applications in such markets as medical therapy, transportation, air conditoning systems and as thermal insulation materials for the building industry. Their applicability in the area of energy conservation, as well as applications requiring a constant temperature over a long time with low energy expense, is open to your imagination, and we look forward to discussing your specific application, needs and interests.

Products Applications

Raw Latent Heat storage PCM materials

Bound / Encapsulated PCM materials
Finished PCM products

Air-conditioning units and modules

PCM materials for textiles / therapeutics

Hot / Cold transportation of food products

Cold transportation of blood / medical products
Our Partner in PCM Technologies
RUBITHERM® is the brand name for innovative PCM-Materials with a high energy density for heating and cooling, for thermally sensitive transportation, for comfort and medical applications.

These materials use the solid to liquid phase change to accumulate or release a large amount of energy at a constant temperature: when the surrounding temperature is higher than the phase-change temperature, these materials accumulate energy with a minimum variation of their own temperature, and when the surrounding temperature is lower than the phase-change temperature these materials release the stored energy, with the same low variation in their own temperature.

RUBITHERM® materials are based on organic or inorganic compounds, and are available as raw material or finished product.

RUBITHERM® materials offer a large potential for innovation in the area of energy management and can be tailored to suit specific new application temperatures.

Our partner's core capabilities encompass:

  • Development and modification of PCM-Materials according to customer requirements
  • Manufacturing and sale of PCM-Materials
  • Manufacturing and sale of semi-finished goods and modules with integrated PCM-Materials
  • Research and development projects, application consulting and cooperation partner.
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